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Merimba Resources works with organisations that require technical, strategic, commercial and human capital change management support to ensure the optimal and sustainable development of their Oil & Gas resources.

These organisations, primarily state owned Oil & Gas companies, are tasked with developing the country’s natural resources in the most effective and profitable manner, but often without the necessary expertise within the organisation to deliver these results.

Merimba Resources supports these organisations through the provision of the following key services:

Technical knowledge

We only work with the World’s best and most respected Oil & Gas professionals. This means that we make the most effective decisions based on the technical information available, which results in reduced exploration, engineering and overall project costs, and an accelerated path to production.

Strategic expertise

Our people have worked in senior management positions within the World’s largest and most successful Oil & Gas companies.  They understand the challenges, risks and hurdles to overcome in delivering high profile and politically sensitive Oil & gas projects. We advise our partner organisations at every step to ensure the most effective decisions are made.

Commercial acumen


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Human capital change management

The Merimba Resources team identify technical, strategic, commercial and leadership gaps within an organisations workforce and creates effective strategies to fill these gaps with a short, medium and long term approach covering education and training programmes, recruitment and strategic support.

Merimba implements the highest standards of work across all disciplines of an organisation during this period of change which ultimately results in sustainable growth and the complete self sufficiency of a local workforce.